New Year Message 2015

Happy New Year, Guys!

Yeah, it’s Andrew Chia here, your missing blogger again.  Time flies and I just caught a glance at my last post with the title “New Year Message 2014”!  Oops!  I’ve done it again.  You mean I’ve been missing for one whole year?

I’ve not been lazy; I’m working on your next book, Marketing Secrets.  Well, it’s been quite some time, eh?  Few years to be exact.  Don’t give anymore excuses, Andrew Chia.  You’ve been sleeping on the job.

Alright, I promise I’ll get it on the shelves in 2015 ok?

So, how has 2014 been treating you, my friends?  Have you been brave like I asked you to in the last message?  What?  You mean you didn’t know what the last message was all about?  I’m so disappointed……….  How am I going to give you my message for 2015 if you keep forgetting my previous messages?

Anyway, here it is, for what it’s worth……….

SELL !!!

2015 is going to be a tough year, most people say.  And I believe so.  With the GST coming up for Malaysians.  With the global meltdown looming overhead; it might just happen in 2015.  I know all the predictions about Perfect Storm and Global Financial Catastrophe didn’t materialize for the past few years they have been saying it will.  Well, some things just happen when we least expect them, isn’t it?

In order to succeed financially, especially during tough times when the economy and markets are slow and depressed, you would do well to improve your selling skills.  By sell, I don’t mean you should dispose of your house, car or any other belongings.  What I mean is that you should be good at selling your products and services.  I mean you should sell stuff to your customers, not to the auctioneers.

Yes, selling skill is so important.  It is the skill that helps us make money.  Once we have money to spare we can think about saving and investing.  Selling puts food on the table.  Selling make us rich.

Throughout the past few years I have noticed people struggling financially because they have no clue how to sell their products and services.  And themselves.  Yes, we need to know how to market ourselves, too.

Just a tip or two on how you can succeed in selling stuff to your customers and thus make some handsome profits.  Firstly, on a more macro view, have a USP.  A unique selling proposition.  This simply means you must differentiate your products or services from your competitors’.  It is very difficult to sell stuff that everyone else is selling, right?

Next, you need to understand the nuts and bolts of the selling process.  How, where and when to advertise.  How to answer objections from the prospects and to close the sale.

Make it a point to learn all these details in 2015, if you have not learnt yet.  And 2015 will be a very fruitful year for your bank account.

Remember, be brave.  And, sell!

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  • Richard Lim

    Happy New Year Andrew. I got your meaning…sell. Thanks!

    Comment | January 5, 2015
  • mohd ali jinnah

    Wish everyone a Happy and Blessed New Year 2015. Be brave and sell. We have a blessed country with so many resources but then again and again…… Need to think and ponder deeply ……Just for the sake of our children……
    God help us. We are doing our best, keep struggling and the tough gets tougher when the going gets tough… but, God, we need your help and your interventions….You know the rest…..Aamiin.

    Comment | January 13, 2015

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